What we do

We produce business intelligence

  • building ready-to-use data
  • using advanced analytics and quantitative techniques
  • to predict behavior, put you ahead of the curve 
  • and provide better insights to drive sales and organizational performance

We use leading proprietary technology and prototyping to deliver quick results, limit the time commitment of our clients, are experts with over 20 years’ experience and enthusiastic and passionate in our work.

Originally founded in 1993 as a consulting firm, TrackTwo specializes in quantitative business management of asset management and institutional brokerage firms. Our mission is to help our clients get the most out of their wealth of data. The quality of our work is based on a high degree of industry expertise, proprietary technology and systematic results orientation.

Capitalizing on big data - Our clients sit on an enormous amount of management data they hardly use. A common problem is that data is not in the right shape. We are experts in producing ready-for-use data – we compile, clean, enhance, and harmonize until we get to a complete and coherent picture. We don’t stop until the data reflects your view of your business and is reconciled with your management numbers. Once the data is clean and ready, we use quantitative techniques to predict client behaviour to improve cross-selling and understand best practice for all aspects of the organization. In short we help our clients replace gut feeling with data-based decision-making.


Systematic results orientation - “If it does not jingle it does not count” as one of our clients once put it. We always define success in quantitative terms - be it PnL impact, cross-selling ratio, client retention rate, sales increase, .. - and monitor progress. Superior analytics do not count for much unless they result in actions that actually improve economic performance.


Proprietary technology and prototyping - We have developed industry-specific data models that help us work efficiently. We will usually build a real-life prototype, from comprehensive historical raw data (usually several millions of transactions) right to the analytical outputs. We produce first results within weeks then adjust and improve, keeping run times short and staying flexible in our thinking. We find that this gives us a much better understanding of the problems we will face during production and allows us to constantly improve our analytics. 

High degree of industry expertise - We have been working for asset managers and brokerage firms for over 15 years. Each of our professionals has been exposed to projects in various countries and for a number of clients. We limit the time commitment of our clients and allow them to focus on capitalizing on the findings.


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